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Celebrating 90 Years!


Housed in a glorious Southern Mansion in the heart of Music City, Jimmy Kelly’s continues to be a standard by which American steakhouses are measured. Founded in 1934 while the country was in the throes of the Great Depression and just one year removed from the repeal of prohibition, John Kelly made a promise to himself and his diners. Simply put, he would serve a great steak, a generous portion of whiskey and ensure the service was always attentive.


After 80 years the stories that emanate from Jimmy Kelly’s are many and often very colorful in their content and their telling. Below is one of those told by one of America’s most colorful orators, John Jay Hooker. It involves murder, family friendship and the oldest and arguably the most famous distillery in America, Jack Daniels. Watch below and we hope you enjoy this true story.

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